23 September 2023

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Nationwide Pokémon Hunt for Nintendo Fans Offers Exciting Prizes

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Nationwide Pokémon Hunt for Nintendo Fans Offers Exciting Prizes

Nintendo fans across the UK have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide Pokémon hunt and win fantastic prizes. This limited-time event, taking place from August 21 to September 2, will test participants’ knowledge of one of Nintendo’s most popular series.

Participants have a chance to win a rare Pokémon Arceus VStar Ultra-Premium Collection, which includes metal copies of the Arceus VStar cards. Valued at nearly £100, this pack consists of over 150 Pokémon TCG cards and various accessories for gameplay. Additionally, Pokémon plushes, TCG packs, headphones, and other accessories are up for grabs.

The competition will be held in several cities, including Edinburgh, Brighton, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, and London. Game, the host of the event, will provide clues on its official social media accounts to help participants determine the store they need to visit.

Each day during the event, a participating Game store will be chosen to distribute prizes. The day before, Game will release a hint regarding the city where the store is located. On the event day, a second clue will point to the exact store players must visit.

To claim their prize, participants are required to visit the designated store in person and approach an employee behind the register. An employee will ask a single Pokémon trivia question, and answering correctly will earn the participant their Pokémon prize. No age limits apply to the competition, allowing anyone to take part.

As there are limited chances for each person to win a prize, fans are encouraged to remain vigilant for the event happening near them. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to showcase your Pokémon knowledge and potentially win incredible prizes.

Source: GLHF (no URL provided)