24 September 2023

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The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast: Gaming Exploits, Splatfest, and Saving Game History

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The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast: Gaming Exploits, Splatfest, and Saving Game History

The latest episode of The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast starts off with the hosts sharing their recent gaming experiences. Todd continues to enjoy playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake, although he admits to having some issues with a specific character interaction. Will, on the other hand, has been diving into the quirky world of Pokemon Sleep. And Scott has been busy playing and reviewing a new indie game, as well as exploring the latest Kakarot DLC.

In the news segment, the trio discusses their unfortunate defeat in the recent Splatfest. The topic of Love losing the battle sparks curiosity about whether former host Tyler Kelbaugh had any involvement in this surprising outcome. Listeners can expect to hear about the fury that ensued. The hosts also cover the abundance of updates dropped for Splatoon 3, the interesting explanations coming from The Pokemon Company regarding certain aspects of the game, and the Death Battle debut of Fire Emblem.

The main event of the episode revolves around the discussion of a recent gaming library shutdown and the importance of preserving games for posterity. The hosts delve into the necessity of taking action to ensure that future generations can still experience and appreciate older games.

Listeners are encouraged to send their suggestions for opening themes for future podcast episodes via Twitter. Whether it’s NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, or Nintendo DS, Tri-Force Todd, Skull Kid Scott, and Wario Will are eager to hear your ideas. You can reach them individually at their respective Twitter handles, or contact the podcast directly at @NEPPodcast.


  • Splatfest: An in-game event in the Splatoon series where players choose teams and compete in battles to support their chosen side.
  • Indie game: A game developed an independent game studio or individual developer, often with a smaller budget and scope compared to games from larger companies.
  • Kakarot DLC: Downloadable content for the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which adds new features, storylines, or characters to the base game.
  • Death Battle: A web series that pits fictional characters against each other in simulated battles to determine the ultimate winner.
  • Gaming library shutdown: Refers to the closure or discontinuation of a digital storefront or gaming platform, resulting in the removal of games from availability.

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