23 September 2023

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NIMC Launches Self-Service Online Solution Platform for NIN Enrollment and Digital Identity Cards

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NIMC Launches Self-Service Online Solution Platform for NIN Enrollment and Digital Identity Cards

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has introduced a new self-service online solution platform for the enrollment of National Identification Number (NIN) and digital identity cards. The launch took place during the 5th Identity Day Commemoration held in Abuja. The app, called ‘NIMC Self-service NIN Enrollment and Digital ID’, allows individuals to conveniently enroll for their NIN from the comfort of their homes.

The NIMC Director, Information Technology/Identity Database, Mr. Chuks Onyepunuka, revealed that the application would make the enrollment process easier and stress-free. In the digital age, having a secure and verifiable identity is crucial for various activities, such as accessing banking services and engaging on online social media platforms. The theme for this year’s event was “Identity as a Catalyst for Nigeria‚Äôs Development”, emphasizing the importance of national identity for government policies related to social safety nets and financial inclusion programs.

The acting Director-General/CEO of NIMC, Abisoye Coker-Odusote, highlighted the significance of World Identity Day in recognizing the transformative power of identity. She stated that identity is not just a card or a number, but it symbolizes an individual’s existence, entitlements, and place within society. NIMC’s vision is to provide every citizen and legal resident with a universal and reliable digital identity. They are committed to inclusive access to identity solutions, prioritizing privacy and data protection, and embracing digital transformation while safeguarding the integrity and security of identity systems.

Nigeria’s journey towards a robust Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is seen as a way to improve public services, drive inclusive growth, and position the country as a prominent player in Africa’s digital revolution. However, addressing existing challenges and ensuring equitable access to digital resources is essential for realizing the full potential of digital identity.

In conclusion, the NIMC’s launch of the self-service online solution platform for NIN enrollment and digital identity cards is a significant step towards making the enrollment process more convenient for individuals. It highlights the importance of identity as a catalyst for Nigeria’s development and emphasizes the commitment to providing universal access to reliable digital identities. Source: Premium Times