4 October 2023

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New Rochelle Public Library Awarded Funding for Digital Literacy Workshops

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New Rochelle Public Library Awarded Funding for Digital Literacy Workshops

The New Rochelle Public Library has been selected as one of 215 public libraries across the nation to receive funding from the Public Library Association (PLA) for digital literacy workshops. The workshops will utilize the new resources provided Digitallearn.org and will be supported AT&T.

The PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive aims to help libraries of all sizes conduct workshops using the DigitalLearn training materials, covering a range of topics to assist patrons in building their technology skills and confidence. The New Rochelle Public Library will be offering classes in three different areas: Computer Basics, Internet Basics, and Cybersecurity.

The workshops will be conducted in both English and Spanish, catering to the diverse community. The Computer Basics workshop will focus on navigating the Windows 10 operating system, managing applications, finding and managing files and folders, and other essential tasks. The Internet Basics workshop will introduce newly connected users to internet browsers, search engines, and websites. Lastly, the Cybersecurity workshop will educate attendees on online safety, including account and password security, as well as an overview of frauds and scams.

Elizabeth Joseph, Assistant Director of the New Rochelle Public Library, expressed the significance of the partnership between the PLA, AT&T, and the library in bridging the digital divide in the community. This grant allows the library to offer guidance and education to individuals, ensuring they can navigate the digital landscape confidently and competently.

Maria McCauley, past president of the PLA, emphasized the vital role that public libraries play in providing digital literacy tools and information to communities. The collaboration with AT&T for the second year expands the reach of these programs and resources, increasing digital access and equity for even more families and communities.

The digital literacy courses developed PLA and AT&T, available in English and Spanish through AT&T ScreenReady and PLA’s DigitalLearn.org, will further support libraries in their mission to empower individuals with essential technology skills.

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