23 September 2023

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SYKY Launches Luxury Digital Fashion Platform at London Fashion Week

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SYKY Launches Luxury Digital Fashion Platform at London Fashion Week

SYKY, a new luxury digital fashion platform, has made its debut in conjunction with London Fashion Week. The platform aims to revolutionize the fashion industry combining technology with a luxury aesthetic and offering customization options for users to reimagine the digital fashion experience. It is the first step towards creating a world with blended realities, built on blockchain technology, which enables consumers to express themselves through fashion while championing global talent in the luxury fashion industry.

The platform allows global digital designers, including the SYKY Collective, as well as established fashion houses, to showcase their luxury drops. The products range from digital-only apparel, footwear, and accessories to physical one-of-a-kind items and AR-enabled luxury fashion. Users, designers, and brands can also create their own SYKY Collections, curated displays of individual digital collectibles. Brands can expand their narratives and tap into a new audience, while users can express their unique point of view on digital fashion.

To celebrate the launch, SYKY partnered with the British Fashion Council to host an official calendar event during London Fashion Week, highlighting digital fashion as an integral cornerstone of the luxury fashion industry. The platform offers an array of fashion items from the 2023 SYKY Collective, a group of global designers who work in both digital and physical mediums. These designers are undergoing an incubation process to become the leading luxury fashion houses of the future.

Sunw, a London-based label from Chinese designer Fanrui Sun, is the first label to launch on the platform. The collection includes distinct digital fashion items and a custom 1:1 digital and physical handbag. Glitchofmind, a visual artist and photographer from the Dominican Republic, will debut their collection in October. Their work blends 3D design with VR sculpting and AI-generated textures and is inspired their experiences as a black-queer Latin American.

SYKY offers a unique opportunity for designers, brands, and users to embrace digital fashion and explore the possibilities of this emerging industry. With its emphasis on luxury and customization, the platform is set to redefine the way consumers engage with fashion in both the physical and digital worlds.

– Blended realities: The merging of physical and digital worlds.
– Blockchain: A decentralized and distributed digital ledger used to record transactions.
– Cryptocurrency: Digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security.
– Luxury fashion: High-end, exclusive fashion brands and products.

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