23 September 2023

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Neumann University Hosts EdgeCon Conference on Digital Teaching

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Neumann University Hosts EdgeCon Conference on Digital Teaching

Neumann University will be hosting the EdgeCon digital teaching conference on September 28. Edge, a nonprofit technology consortium, will be organizing the event, which is focused on innovation in course design and instruction, digital instruction in the physical environment, and the use of AI in the classroom.

The conference will feature general presentations as well as breakout sessions on various topics. Some of the breakout sessions include “Engaging Gen Z with Voice and Choice to Promote Digital Literacy,” presented Lisa Bond and John H. Shannon from Seton Hall University; “Skip the Hidden Messages: The Importance of Feedback in Online Learning,” presented Talia Martinez from Kean University; and “Crafting Campus Connections with Oral History and Adobe Premiere Rush,” presented Kate Sierra from Seton Hall University.

The conference will begin with breakfast at 8:30 a.m., followed a general session and breakout sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from digital learning professionals and industry-leading vendors from various sectors.

According to Dr. Chris Domes, Neumann’s president, “EdgeCon highlights the innovative digital learning ideas that are essential for higher education institutions to succeed in today’s marketplace.” Dr. Alexandra Salas, Neumann’s university vice president for digital learning and innovation, also emphasized the value of building new networks and connecting with thought leaders through EdgeCon engagements.

The cost of attending the conference is $49. Edge, as a member-owned nonprofit provider, offers high-performance optical fiber networking and internetworking, Internet2, and a range of technology solutions for higher education institutions, government entities, and nonprofit business entities.

Neumann University is not yet a member of Edge but is collaborating with the consortium to host the event.

Registration for the conference is open until September 27.

– Edge: A nonprofit technology consortium that provides technology solutions for various sectors, including higher education institutions.
– Digital teaching: The use of technology to facilitate teaching and learning in educational settings.
– Breakout session: A smaller session within a larger conference or event that allows for focused discussions and learning on specific topics.
– AI: Artificial Intelligence, the use of computer systems to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.
– Digital learning: The use of digital technologies and resources for educational purposes.

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