26 September 2023

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Insights into Digital Marketing from Portland’s Tech Expert

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Insights into Digital Marketing from Portland’s Tech Expert

Rich Brooks, a digital marketing specialist at Flyte New Media in Portland, discussed the latest challenges and innovations in the industry during an interview on 207. Digital marketing encompasses various online marketing and advertising strategies employed companies or non-profits. This includes website development, search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing, online advertising, and more.

One significant factor impacting the industry is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney are now being used to generate ideas, produce copy, create email newsletters, and social media posts. They are also integrated into popular marketing platforms such as Canva, MailChimp, and LinkedIn. It is worth noting that Google has recently replaced its analytics program, leading to some confusion among businesses trying to interpret their website reports.

Privacy concerns also play a role. With public and legislative pressure on major players like Facebook and Google to reduce data collection, businesses find it challenging to reach their target audience effectively. To counter this, companies can focus on producing high-quality content for their website and social media platforms, as well as encouraging audience opt-ins for email newsletters and SMS campaigns.

Brooks also highlighted a common mistake made businesses: jumping into digital marketing without a clear strategy. Rather than blindly following trends or copying others, companies should invest time in developing a unique value proposition that sets them apart. By identifying what makes them remarkable, businesses can make informed decisions about their target audience, preferred platforms, and other tactical choices.

Overall, the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing requires businesses to adapt to emerging trends while staying true to their unique value proposition. Privacy concerns, AI integration, and strategic planning are essential elements for successful online marketing.

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