24 September 2023

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CanadaHelps and Mastercard Changeworks Partner to Support Digital Transformation in Canadian Charities

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CanadaHelps and Mastercard Changeworks Partner to Support Digital Transformation in Canadian Charities

CanadaHelps, the largest platform for online donating and fundraising in Canada, has released the results of a survey that highlights the importance of digital transformation for Canadian charities. The survey reveals that 60% of charities agree or somewhat agree that they will struggle to fulfill their objectives without better leveraging digital tools and technologies.

According to the survey, one of the main barriers to digital adoption is insufficient funding, with 62% of charities stating that they have not invested in digital tools due to financial constraints. Additionally, almost half of the charities surveyed (48%) reported a lack of skills or knowledge to utilize digital tools effectively.

To address these challenges, CanadaHelps has partnered with Mastercard Changeworks to launch the Charity Growth Academy, a self-serve digital transformation platform. The program provides Canadian charities with a comprehensive online assessment and a customized action plan to kick-start their digital transformation journey. The platform also offers a rich library of training resources to support charities at their own pace.

Jennifer M. Sloan, Senior Vice President at Mastercard in Canada, emphasized the importance of approaching digital transformation strategically and providing skilled support and resources to help nonprofits improve their technology and data capabilities.

In addition, CanadaHelps has collaborated with The Charity Hub to offer the Small Charities Master Class, a series of webinars led industry experts. These online classes aim to help small charity professionals and volunteers build practical skills and strategies, including digital transformation, fundraising, partnerships, and more.

The survey results and the initiatives launched CanadaHelps and its partners highlight the urgent need for digital skills training in Canadian charities. By embracing digital tools and technologies, charities can increase their impact and better fulfill their missions in an increasingly digital world.

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