26 September 2023

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Merging with AdTech Experts to Reach U.S. Digital Latinos at Scale

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Merging with AdTech Experts to Reach U.S. Digital Latinos at Scale

Mundo Hispano Digital, the parent company of MundoNow.com, has launched a new advertising-led revenue initiative called The MundoNow Project. The project aims to help brands reach digital Latinos who do not fit into standard AdTech industry categories. MundoNow has partnered with Infinity Partnerships to launch and manage The MundoNow Project and to actively seek new publisher partnerships. The goal is to create a unified movement that can build a better business model for Latino and/or Spanish-language platforms to effectively monetize their digital businesses.

Currently, brands face challenges connecting with Latino audiences at scale because they are often limited language or cultural categorizations. The MundoNow Project aims to change this utilizing smart technology that considers the authentic perspectives of Latino users throughout the media consumption lifecycle. The project also seeks publishing partnerships with sites that Latinos frequently visit, regardless of language.

Launch partners for The MundoNow Project include TV Insider, LovetoKnow Media, Recurrent Ventures, and BigEdition. These partnerships will allow brands to more authentically engage with U.S. Latinos and effectively reach specific subsets within this key demographic.

The co-founders of Infinity Partnerships, Amanda Binns and George Mani, are excited about the partnership with MundoNow and their publishing partners. They believe that The MundoNow Project will empower Latino identities across the entire acculturated spectrum. With their combined expertise in advertising technology, Binns and Mani are confident that the initiative will successfully align brands with the powerful buying group that is the Hispanic Consumer.

MundoNow is one of the few certified-minority-owned digital platforms with a national reach. It generates 10 million unique visitors each month and serves over 250 million ad impressions. With its mission to empower and inform the online Latino community, MundoNow is dedicated to bringing purpose to this demographic.

Source: MundoNow