4 October 2023

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Candidates Demand Immediate Recruitment After Clearing Patwari Examination

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Candidates Demand Immediate Recruitment After Clearing Patwari Examination

Candidates who have successfully cleared the patwari examination in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, have launched a digital protest demanding immediate recruitment for the post. In a symbolic gesture, protesters are uploading photos of themselves holding books and bowls, representing their plea for employment.

Earlier, the patwaris had gathered at Neelam Park to highlight their demands. However, they were forcefully removed the police, who also mistreated them. The Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, decided to halt the recruitment process due to irregularities.

The High Court in Jabalpur, however, has instructed the state government to not suspend the entire recruitment process for an extended period of time. Bhupendra Singh, one of the selected candidates from the patwari recruitment, stated that they have initiated a digital protest on social media. The photographs of protesters holding books and bowls in a symbolic begging gesture are being shared online. They have also expressed their intention to escalate the agitation.

It is important to note that patwari is a term used in India to refer to a government official responsible for maintaining land records. These individuals play a crucial role in the administrative system, especially in rural areas.

This development indicates the frustration and urgency among the candidates who have cleared the patwari examination. They want the government to address their demands promptly and proceed with the recruitment process without any further delays.

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