4 October 2023

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The Persistence of Physical Antiques Stores in the Age of Online Shopping

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The Persistence of Physical Antiques Stores in the Age of Online Shopping

The internet has revolutionized the way antiques are bought and sold, but some antique store owners still believe in the value of a physical shopping experience. Monica Beth Fowler, owner of Delectable Collectibles, has been in the antique business for over four decades and has witnessed the impact of the internet on the industry. While she uses the internet to connect with other antique dealers for buying and selling, Fowler chooses not to list her items online. She believes that the experience of seeing and handling antiques in person sets her store apart from online shopping options.

The internet has made it easier for collectors to find and purchase antiques from around the world, but it has also posed challenges for physical antique stores. Many store owners have adapted using social media and online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay to reach customers. However, there is still a strong appeal for visiting antique shops in person, especially among those who value the history and quality of antique furniture and decor.

For younger customers, the convenience and affordability of mass-produced furniture from stores like IKEA and Target may make online shopping a more attractive option. However, for those who appreciate the durability and craftsmanship of antiques, the appeal of physical stores remains strong. Online shopping can still play a role in preserving an interest in antiques for those who cannot visit stores in person.

Despite the changing landscape of the antique industry, antique stores continue to thrive in towns like Micanopy. The sense of community and the unique shopping experience they offer keep customers coming back. While online shopping has undoubtedly transformed the antique market, there are still those who prefer the tangible and immersive experience of browsing through a physical store and discovering treasures from the past.

– Original article: WUFT News