24 September 2023

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LA Metro’s Push for Digital Billboards Clears Planning Commission Hurdle

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LA Metro’s Push for Digital Billboards Clears Planning Commission Hurdle

LA Metro’s plan to install digital billboards across Los Angeles has received unanimous support from the city’s planning commission. The commission recommended amending the zoning code that currently prohibits such billboards in the city. Under the proposed plan, up to 49 billboard structures, most with double-sided display screens, would be erected, resulting in a total of 86 digital billboards throughout the city.

The planning commission recommended the elimination of three double-sided structures, leaving 46 structures with a total of 80 billboard displays. Additionally, the commission agreed with the city planners’ recommendation to limit the hours of operation of the digital billboards from 5 a.m. to midnight to address concerns about excessive lighting at night.

Metro’s billboard proposal, known as the Transportation Communication Network, aims to generate $1 billion in advertising revenue over 30 years, with half of the revenue shared with the city. The billboards would also serve as a platform for broadcasting emergency messages and real-time traffic updates to drivers. As part of the agreement, Metro would remove over 200 older, traditional billboards throughout the city.

There were voices both in favor and against the installation of digital billboards. Opponents expressed concerns about potential distractions for drivers and the visual impact on the city, while proponents highlighted the benefits of emergency alerts and traffic updates. Union workers supported the project, citing job creation and the potential for facility upgrades and increased hiring Metro.

Following the planning commission’s vote, Metro intends to request the reconsideration of the three proposed billboard structures that were rejected. The proposed ordinance will now move to the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee for further review before reaching the full City Council for a final vote.


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