24 September 2023

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Megadeth Launches Megadeth Digital: A New Digital Experience for Fans

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Megadeth Launches Megadeth Digital: A New Digital Experience for Fans

Iconic thrash metal pioneers MEGADETH have announced their latest venture in the Web3 space with the transformation of their Rattleheads NFT brand into Megadeth Digital. Led founder and frontman Dave Mustaine, the band aims to provide fans and blockchain enthusiasts with a unique and exclusive glimpse into the world of MEGADETH through this cutting-edge NFT experience.

Mustaine expressed his excitement about expanding their presence in the Web3 technology, stating, “I’m excited to dive deeper into this world with MEGADETH NFTs and create new immersive experiences for our community in this evolving space.” The band has always been at the forefront of innovation in the music industry, from their groundbreaking debut album to their virtual reality experience in 2016.

MEGADETH is collaborating with Bill Starkov, founder of an NFT project, and Haddy, the new artist for Megadeth Digital, both of whom have established their names in the Web3 community with their collection “Apocalyptic Apes”. Starkov, who is lending his NFT knowledge and relationships to the project, believes that combining music with blockchain technology will ensure the longevity of MEGADETH’s art and music. He stated, “By expanding their presence in Web3, MEGADETH’s artwork and music has the ability to live on in the blockchain for decades to come.”

With the relaunch of Megadeth Digital, the band aims to solidify its place in the Web3 space and bring excitement to fans. The upcoming launch will offer a variety of experiences that provide unprecedented access to MEGADETH and Mustaine. Fans will have the opportunity to acquire limited availability items that will last a lifetime.

For more information, visit MEGADETH’s official website and follow Megadeth Digital on Twitter.

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