24 September 2023

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Keeping the Virtual Boy Alive: An Interview with Kevin Mellott of RetroOnyx

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Keeping the Virtual Boy Alive: An Interview with Kevin Mellott of RetroOnyx

In an unexpected turn of events, the Nintendo Virtual Boy, once considered a failure, has found a dedicated and passionate community of engineers and developers who are working to keep the system alive nearly three decades after its release. Leading this charge is Kevin Mellott, the engineer behind RetroOnyx, a retro gaming hardware maker that specializes in Virtual Boy accessories and physical copies of newly developed games.

Mellott, along with developers Christian Radke and Jorge Andres Eremiev, has been instrumental in creating and funding projects that showcase the unique hardware attributes of the Virtual Boy. One such project is Virtual WarZone, a tank combat game that utilizes the console’s parallax effects to create visual depth.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Mellott discusses his passion for the Virtual Boy, his favorite games for the system, and his ongoing projects. Mellott’s journey into the world of Virtual Boy began when he was a child, longing for the console but unable to afford it. Years later, he rediscovered his interest in the Virtual Boy and joined the online community of enthusiasts.

One of RetroOnyx’s most well-known products is their Virtual Boy-compatible flashcart, the HyperFlash32. This flashcart allows players to load and play Virtual Boy games from a single cartridge. The motivation behind creating this hardware was to provide a more affordable option for gamers who wanted to experience the system’s library.

When asked about the Virtual Boy games worth revisiting today, Mellott mentions Red Alarm, Wario Land, Teleroboxer, and Bound High as some of his personal favorites. These games showcase the unique gameplay experiences that the Virtual Boy offered and are still enjoyable today.

The dedication and enthusiasm of Mellott and the RetroOnyx team are a testament to the lasting impact of the Virtual Boy. Despite its short-lived commercial success, the console continues to inspire and captivate gamers, thanks to the efforts of passionate individuals like Mellott.

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