4 October 2023

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Mattress Firm Appoints George Hanson as Chief Digital Officer

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Mattress Firm Appoints George Hanson as Chief Digital Officer

Summary: Mattress Firm, the sleep retailer, has hired George Hanson as its first Chief Digital Officer. Hanson, previously the Chief Digital Officer at Panera Bread, will bring his extensive experience in digital retail and omnichannel strategies to enhance Mattress Firm’s customer experience and drive its digital efforts. His role will involve creating a seamless customer journey across all platforms, from the website to the in-store experience. With a strong background in driving digital transformations, Hanson’s strategic insights and passion for the company’s mission will further enhance its commitment to sleep health.

Mattress Firm’s appointment of George Hanson as Chief Digital Officer reflects the company’s focus on prioritizing digital capabilities. Hanson’s track record includes four years at Panera Bread, where he elevated the omnichannel experience for customers and drove profitable growth through loyalty and subscription programs. Prior to Panera, Hanson held leadership positions in e-commerce and digital businesses at Under Armour, Lane Bryant, and Lands’ End.

The decision to appoint a Chief Digital Officer is a testament to Mattress Firm’s recognition of the importance of sleep quality and its impact on overall well-being. Hanson himself has dealt with sleep apnea and understands the challenges associated with it. He is honored to contribute to a purpose-driven retail experience that makes a measurable difference in people’s lives.

Overall, George Hanson’s appointment as Chief Digital Officer at Mattress Firm signifies the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and drive growth in the digital retail space.

– “Mattress Firm taps Panera’s CDO for digital role” Thomas Lester, Furniture Today.