4 October 2023

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Markforged Introduces Digital Source Platform for On-Demand 3D Printed Parts

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Markforged Introduces Digital Source Platform for On-Demand 3D Printed Parts

Markforged has launched its Digital Source platform, which allows users to license and manufacture manufacturer-certified parts through additive manufacturing. The platform enables customers, distributors, and contract manufacturers to upload digital part designs and license the right to print parts either on-site or through an approved network of print service providers.

Digital Source aims to provide consistent and reliable production for 3D printed parts, while offering the benefits of digital warehousing and end-to-end process control. Vendors can specify printing process requirements and securely upload their designs, with encrypted print instructions being sent directly to printers to protect intellectual property.

The platform offers various advantages for vendors and customers alike, including reduced inventory costs and simplified replacement part operations. Markforged believes that these efficiencies will lead to increased productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Markforged CEO Shai Terem believes that Digital Source revolutionizes supply chain management. The platform eliminates the need for extensive physical inventories, freeing up capital that would be tied to parts that may go unused for years. Additionally, the on-demand nature of Digital Source enables parts to be printed at the time and point of need, without the need for advanced manufacturing, shipping, and storage.

Already, sand blasting machine manufacturer BMF GmbH has joined Digital Source as a vendor. BMF has more than 200 machines worldwide, each equipped with 60 printed components that need replacement every few months. By using Digital Source, BMF can print these components on-site as soon as a failure or wear is detected.

Automation Alley, the world’s largest emergency response network for on-demand printing, has also committed to using Digital Source for its Project DIAMOnD initiative. The goal of Project DIAMOnD is to connect physical worlds through secure digital inventories, aligning with Markforged’s vision for the future of distributed manufacturing.

Overall, Markforged’s Digital Source platform promises to bring convenience, efficiency, and cost savings to the manufacturing industry allowing on-demand 3D printing of certified parts.
– Markforged
– Automation Alley