4 October 2023

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Telco Vendors Achieve ‘Ready for ODA’ Status at DTW23 – Ignite

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Telco Vendors Achieve ‘Ready for ODA’ Status at DTW23 – Ignite

TM Forum has announced that eight of its vendor members have obtained ‘Ready for ODA’ status for their product lines. Alvatross, CSG, Ericsson, Hansen Technologies, Huawei, Netcracker, Oracle, and Whale Cloud have all developed products that adhere to the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) principles and standards.

ODA provides CSPs (Communication Service Providers) with an architectural framework to facilitate their transformation into agile, digital organizations. With the adoption of TM Forum’s ODA components and Open APIs, vendors can redefine the software lifecycle for the telecommunications industry.

The ‘Ready for ODA’ status ensures that vendors are equipped to support their CSP customers with solutions that comply with current ODA specifications and roadmap commitments tied to the architecture’s evolving standards.

Nik Willetts, the CEO of TM Forum, emphasized the need for a more innovative approach to managing the software lifecycle in the telecoms industry. He highlighted ODA as the blueprint for this change, and commended the industry commitment shown both CSPs and vendors.

Though ‘Ready for ODA’ does not constitute a formal product evaluation or endorsement, the assessment criteria are jointly evaluated engaged vendors and TM Forum’s CTO office. The evaluation focuses on six key aspects necessary to deliver successful business outcomes using ODA, including principles and rules, skills, Open APIs, ODA Components, contribution to ODA, and real-world implementation.

The support for ODA from vendors in the industry is extensive, with 60 suppliers certifying TM Forum Open APIs and 126 vendors signing the ODA manifesto. This demonstrates their commitment to building and marketing products and capabilities aligned with ODA standards. Over a hundred vendors have contributed to the development of ODA standards over the past year.

The announcement was made at TM Forum’s DTW23 – Ignite event in Copenhagen, Denmark, where industry professionals gathered to explore the latest advancements in the telecoms sector. To learn more about TM Forum’s ODA initiative, visit the TMF Industry Showcase at DTW23 – Ignite or their official website.


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