23 September 2023

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Lotte Healthcare Introduces Personalized Health Management App, Cazzle

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Lotte Healthcare Introduces Personalized Health Management App, Cazzle

Lotte Healthcare, a leading healthcare company, has launched Cazzle, a personalized health management app aimed at providing a unique user experience. The app was unveiled during a press conference held in Seoul, where the company announced its goal of attracting 1 million users the end of next year.

Cazzle focuses on offering personalized health management and shopping services based on the user’s medical data and survey results, all collected with the user’s consent. The app aims to assist users in establishing healthy habits offering incentives and allowing them to share their exercise records with friends and family.

According to Lotte Healthcare CEO Lee Hoon-ki, Cazzle aims to become a “health care playground” unlike any other service currently available in Korea. The company foresees that Cazzle will contribute to enhancing the health of Korean citizens and the growth of the digital health care industry.

The app is set to be released on September 18, providing users with a comprehensive range of features to manage their own health and wellness. As the app gains popularity, it is expected to bring significant advancements in personalized health management and digital healthcare.

– Lotte Healthcare CEO Lee Hoon-ki
– JoongAng Daily: [email protected]