4 October 2023

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Hong Kong’s FabriX Showcases Digital Fashion at London and Paris Fashion Weeks

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Hong Kong’s FabriX Showcases Digital Fashion at London and Paris Fashion Weeks

The Hong Kong government is organizing a series of events during London and Paris fashion weeks to raise the city’s creative and fashion profile through the digital fashion initiative FabriX. The event will take place at the BFC NewGen space at the Old Selfridges Hotel in London and will feature digital creations 17 designers, with 12 from Hong Kong and five from London. The showcase aims to provide a real-life shopping experience through virtual try-on using augmented reality (AR) filters in the FabriX kiosk. Visitors will have the option to customize and purchase their chosen garments via technical partner DressX. The use of AR try-ons helps tackle the high return problem in fashion and increases sales and customer satisfaction.

After the London showcase, FabriX will travel to Paris Fashion Week featuring additional digital creations from designers Florentina Leitner, Ponder.er, and LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi. FabriX, founded in 2022, aims to introduce the next generation of local creative talent to global fashion audiences. The initiative offers support to designers through all stages of the digital design journey, from sketch to 3D digital production to listing on global digital fashion marketplaces.

FabriX is presented PMQ, a Hong Kong-based creative hub, with funding from the Musketeers Education and Culture Charitable Foundation. Create Hong Kong, under the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is the lead sponsor of the initiative. Declan Chan, curator of FabriX, believes the initiative can help Hong Kong designers be part of the global fashion conversation. The showcase provides exposure to fashion week guests multiple times a day, promoting fashion without the limitation of logistics. FabriX aims to create innovative digital assets to showcase designers’ work collaborating with global talents and content creators.

The initiative is an opportunity for Hong Kong to raise awareness for talents from diverse backgrounds and contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected global community. Hong Kong’s strategic location as a global business and trade hub provides talents with access to international markets and a diverse customer base. Additionally, the growth of emerging markets in Asia, particularly China, presents significant opportunities for Hong Kong designers. However, the high operating costs, intellectual property protection, and limited domestic market still pose challenges for emerging Hong Kong designers. Government funding and support programs like FabriX can address these challenges and foster the growth of the local fashion industry, enhancing Hong Kong’s reputation as a fashion and business hub.

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