4 October 2023

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Clínica Alemana Osorno: Leveraging Connected Care for Improved Patient Experience and Access to Care

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Clínica Alemana Osorno: Leveraging Connected Care for Improved Patient Experience and Access to Care

Clínica Alemana Osorno, one of the largest healthcare providers in southern Chile, has implemented digital communication workflows to enhance patient experience and increase access to care. With over 300,000 outpatient appointments per year and 46 medical specialties across four facilities, the clinic faces challenges such as intense competition and limited access to specialized medical treatment in the region.

To differentiate itself and provide an exceptional experience, Clínica Alemana Osorno focuses on patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and making southern Chile a desirable place to live. By utilizing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, the clinic has introduced solutions for care collaboration and patient engagement.

The interoperability platform plays a crucial role in the success of the digital transformation. It allows for collaboration between care teams and physicians, as well as access to data from all other systems used in the clinic. This streamlines administrative tasks, reduces reliance on paper-based processes, and provides doctors with comprehensive patient data in one place. As a result, physicians can work more efficiently, prioritize patient needs, and cultivate stronger patient relationships.

Scheduling inefficiencies have also been addressed through the digital transformation. With all appointments and tasks stored in one system, medical staff can plan their workdays more efficiently and focus on high-value tasks. This has led to increased productivity and reduced time spent on organizational tasks.

The introduction of an online system for appointment scheduling has significantly improved convenience and accessibility for patients. The ability to make, modify, and cancel appointments at any time has reduced no-shows, resulting in reduced waiting times and improved utilization of medical systems and treatment rooms. Additionally, centralizing healthcare data and utilizing algorithms for analysis has improved access to care identifying at-risk individuals and sending automated invitations for checkups and preventive treatments.

Telehealth services have further enhanced access to care enabling virtual consultations, reducing the need for in-person appointments. Patients can receive healthcare at home through secure virtual connections, making healthcare services more convenient and accessible.

The impact of these connected systems and a holistic patient view has been significant for Clínica Alemana Osorno. The clinic has experienced an increase in medical consultations, lab tests, and imaging studies. It has become a popular employer, attracting more physicians. Patient experience has greatly improved, with a higher Net Promoter Score. Other achievements include a reduced no-show rate, decreased waiting times, increased workforce efficiency, and higher patient satisfaction.

Moving forward, Clínica Alemana Osorno plans to continue developing the platform and introducing new functionalities for the applications. The clinic aims to double the number of treatments offered 2028, ultimately making southern Chile a better place to live.

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