4 October 2023

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Haryana CM Urges Food Processing Industry to Embrace Digital Platforms

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Haryana CM Urges Food Processing Industry to Embrace Digital Platforms

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has called upon individuals involved in the food processing industry to take advantage of digital platforms in order to directly deliver their products to consumers. He stated that these platforms provide a unique opportunity to connect with consumers, expand market reach, and increase business potential.

During an audio conference with beneficiaries of the food processing industry, Khattar highlighted the growing trend of consumers seeking the availability of food items online. He emphasized that all those involved in the industry should capitalize on this demand utilizing digital platforms for direct marketing to consumers.

Khattar also pointed out that the food processing industry is experiencing rapid growth, driven factors such as a rising population, urbanization, and health-conscious consumers. In 2022, the industry was valued at ₹26 lakh crore, and it is expected to reach ₹35 lakh crore within the next three years. This represents considerable potential for investment and development within the sector.

Currently, Haryana is home to around 28,000 food processing units, indicating the significance of the industry in the region. By leveraging digital platforms, these units can tap into the growing market demand and enhance their business operations.

The Chief Minister’s call to embrace digital platforms aligns with the evolving consumer preferences and the increasing reliance on online shopping. With technology playing a key role in connecting consumers and businesses, it is crucial for the food processing industry to adapt and take advantage of these digital tools for sustainable growth.


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