24 September 2023

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Laowa Introduces Unique Lens Set for Cinematic and Photographic Applications

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Laowa Introduces Unique Lens Set for Cinematic and Photographic Applications

Laowa Venus Optics has unveiled the Laowa 24mm T8 2x Pro2be lens set, designed for distinct cinematic and photographic purposes. The lens set consists of three lenses with the same specifications but different shooting angles.

One of the lenses is a direct perspective lens with a traditional appearance. The other two lenses, with 35-degree and 90-degree views, offer unique shooting capabilities. The 35-degree lens allows for cinematic high-angle and low-angle shots without the need to tilt the camera, while the 90-degree lens serves as a periscope lens, offering alternative viewpoints.

The Laowa Pro2be lenses are approximately 500 millimeters long, except for the 90-degree version which measures 507 mm. Despite their length, the lenses are slim, with a diameter of around 30mm throughout most of the tubular barrel. The lens barrels include a waterproof section of approximately 366 mm, marked with a red ring and warning text. This waterproof area allows for shooting beneath objects without the need to physically get low to the ground.

Each lens in the set features a manual aperture and focus rings. The aperture ranges from T8 to T40, while the focus ring has a wide throw of 150 degrees, providing precise control over focus and magnification ratios. The lenses also offer macro capabilities, with a maximum 2:1 magnification ratio.

The Laowa 24mm T8 2x Pro2be lens set consists of 33 elements in 24 groups for the direct view and 35-degree modules, and 34 elements in 25 groups for the 90-degree module.

This lens set is suitable for various usage scenarios, such as capturing footage beneath a car or recording ground-level footage of small animals. Its macro capabilities make it ideal for product photography and video, especially when shooting small objects like jewelry.

The Laowa 24mm T8 2x Pro2be lens set is now available in various versions, including Arri PL, Canon EF, Canon RF, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Sony FE, and L mount. The individual lens modules are priced at $2,849 for the direct view, $3,149 for the 35-degree view, and $3,349 for the periscope module. The complete set, including a case, is priced at $8,499, offering a substantial discount compared to purchasing each lens separately.

Source: Laowa Venus Optics.