24 September 2023

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New Point System Encourages Support for Local Businesses in LaGrange County

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New Point System Encourages Support for Local Businesses in LaGrange County

LaGrange County Convention & Visitors Bureau has introduced a new “mobile passport” system in an effort to promote and support local businesses. The mobile passport allows visitors to accumulate points while exploring Shipshewana and the heart of Amish country. This initiative aims to connect visitors with over 65 local businesses in the area.

Signing up for the mobile passport program is free, and participants can start collecting points immediately. The accumulated points can be redeemed at the Visitor’s Bureau in Shipshewana for various rewards, including magnets, leather key rings, food items, coffee mugs, and more. This system not only encourages tourists to visit local businesses but also rewards them for their support.

Sonya Nash, the executive director of the Visitors Bureau, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “Every town and every business in LaGrange County has a unique story to share, and we are pleased and excited to be able to provide a tool that brings together our local businesses and visitors from all over the country.”

LaGrange County is known for its rich Amish heritage and vibrant local community. With the introduction of the mobile passport program, visitors have even more reasons to explore and engage with the local businesses that contribute to the county’s unique charm.

By incentivizing support for local businesses, the mobile passport system not only benefits visitors but also fosters economic growth within the community. This initiative serves as a bridge between residents and tourists, highlighting the diverse offerings and tales that LaGrange County has to offer.

To learn more about this exciting program and start collecting points, individuals can visit the LaGrange County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website or reach out to the Visitor’s Bureau directly.

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