24 September 2023

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Transforming La-Z-Boy’s Customer Insights with InMoment

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Transforming La-Z-Boy’s Customer Insights with InMoment

Jorge Calvachi, the director of insights at iconic furniture brand La-Z-Boy, believes that the new competitive advantage in any industry is consumer-centricity. He was hired 18 months ago to establish a consumer insights function for La-Z-Boy, which had never had one before. One of the challenges that the brand faces is that it interacts with consumers through various touchpoints, both online and in-store, and ensuring a consistent experience across these different channels has been a struggle.

Calvachi recognized that the data from these touchpoints had been siloed and not shared with other functions in the business. He realized that the company’s data practices were outdated and decided to seek a solution. After consulting with Gartner, Calvachi connected with InMoment, a “full-service” customer experience company. InMoment will support Calvachi’s team in creating a customer experience hub, aggregating and analyzing data from digital channels, stores, post-purchase interactions, and the call center. The aim is to make data-driven decisions at the organizational level.

The technical implementation of the solution is not the main challenge; rather, it is gaining buy-in from stakeholders across the organization, including regional managers of independent stores. InMoment’s focus has shifted from surveys to a true omnichannel approach, incorporating AI-powered natural language processing to analyze customer interactions across various channels. The success of the implementation at La-Z-Boy will be measured the overall experience provided to customers, with improved conversions, faster conversions, and revenue growth as key objectives.

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