23 September 2023

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Los Angeles Planning Commission Supports Plan for Digital Billboards on Metro Properties

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Los Angeles Planning Commission Supports Plan for Digital Billboards on Metro Properties

The citywide planning commission appointed Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has endorsed a proposal to install approximately 80 digital billboards on properties owned Metro, the region’s transit agency. The commission voted 6-0 in favor of Metro’s request for new electronic signs in various locations throughout the city including outside subway stations, along commercial boulevards, and next to freeway interchanges.

Metro’s proposal could potentially generate up to $500 million in ad revenue over the course of 20 years. The revenue from the digital signs would be split evenly between Metro and the city, with the funds going towards transportation initiatives. In exchange for the installation of the new digital signs, around 300 existing non-electronic billboards, over a third of which are on Metro property, would be removed.

Metro officials have stated that the new digital signs would not only serve as advertising platforms but would also provide a means to post traffic and public safety alerts to drivers. However, critics argue that the commission’s decision, if upheld the City Council, could make the roads less safe potentially distracting drivers with images that change every eight seconds.

Despite the safety concerns, Metro’s proposal has received support from Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian and Mayor Karen Bass. The construction trade unions, including groups representing ironworkers and electrical workers, have also voiced their support, citing job creation and the dissemination of important public safety messages as benefits of the plan.

The proposal will now be reviewed the City Council, with a decision expected the end of the year. However, opponents of the plan have already begun contacting their council members, expressing concerns about visual blight and distracted driving.

– Digital billboards: Electronic signs that display advertisements and messages using digital technology.
– Metro: The transit agency serving the greater Los Angeles region.
– Citywide Planning Commission: A commission appointed the Mayor of Los Angeles to review and approve development projects.
– Revenue: Income generated from a particular source or activity.
– City Council: The legislative body responsible for making decisions on behalf of the city.
– Transit agency: An organization responsible for operating and managing public transportation systems.
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