24 September 2023

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Kuwait’s Vision 2035: Focusing on Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development

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Kuwait’s Vision 2035: Focusing on Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development

The General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD) in Kuwait has highlighted the importance of rapid digital transformation and bolstering cybersecurity in the country’s Vision 2035 goals. Dr. Khaled Mahdi, Secretary General of SCPD, emphasized the role of digital transformation in enabling Kuwait to become part of the fourth industrial revolution. One of the key areas where digital transformation will make a significant impact is government services, leading to substantial improvements in efficiency and accessibility.

Dr. Mahdi noted that sustainable development is a long-standing priority for Kuwait, with efforts dating back to the establishment of the Future Generations Fund in 1979. This initiative aims to ensure the prosperity of future generations and is an integral part of Kuwait’s 2035 Vision. Furthermore, Kuwait is eager to contribute to the 17-point plan outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include eradicating poverty, improving healthcare, and more.

Regarding digital transformation, significant progress has already been made in Kuwait, with government applications such as “Sahel” and “Hawiyati” revolutionizing how transactions are carried out. However, Dr. Mahdi emphasized that this is just the beginning, and further efforts will be made to enhance digital transformation across various sectors.

Infrastructure development is another crucial aspect of Kuwait’s digital transformation strategy. The country has invested in laying fiber optic cables and communication towers throughout the country to ensure reliable phone services and internet access. Additionally, cybersecurity is a top priority, and a recent agreement with Google Cloud will enhance security measures and protect citizens’ digital information and assets.

The health sector in Kuwait has already witnessed the benefits of digital transformation, with the use of “robot surgeons” in surgery. Similarly, technology has been employed to improve regulations for residency and to boost the country’s economy. Media also plays an essential role in Kuwait’s Vision 2035, with the Ministry of Information and Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) contributing to the country’s development vision.

To achieve digital transformation in the economy, Kuwait is actively seeking collaboration with foreign investors. For instance, the country has signed agreements with China to develop the northern region, including the Mubarak seaport, new residential areas, and industrial cities.

With the upcoming 2030 Sustainable Development Summit, Kuwait aims to assess the progress made towards the goals set out in 2015. The country remains committed to implementing digital transformation, strengthening cybersecurity, and aligning its efforts with the SDGs.