23 September 2023

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The University of Kansas Initiative: Empowering Formerly Incarcerated Women Through Digital Literacy

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The University of Kansas Initiative: Empowering Formerly Incarcerated Women Through Digital Literacy

The University of Kansas has launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at equipping formerly incarcerated women with the necessary digital literacy skills to successfully reintegrate into society. This technology program offers a diverse curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive array of digital skills training.

Digital literacy, as defined the American Library Association, refers to the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information. In the modern world, digital literacy is an essential skill that empowers individuals to effectively navigate and participate in our increasingly digital society.

The University of Kansas recognizes the importance of digital literacy in empowering formerly incarcerated women to rebuild their lives after incarceration. By providing targeted training in computer literacy, internet skills, online safety, and digital citizenship, this program equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed for success in today’s technology-driven world.

The initiative aims to bridge the digital divide that often exists among marginalized communities, including those impacted the criminal justice system. By expanding access and teaching digital skills, the University of Kansas seeks to empower formerly incarcerated women to overcome the barriers they may face in securing employment, accessing educational opportunities, and engaging in civic life.

The program’s curriculum covers a range of topics, including basic computer skills, internet browsing and research, email communication, online security and privacy, and the use of productivity software. Additionally, participants will develop skills in digital content creation, such as website development, social media management, and digital storytelling.

By investing in the digital literacy of formerly incarcerated women, the University of Kansas is fostering empowerment, self-sufficiency, and opportunities for a brighter future. This initiative recognizes the transformative potential of digital skills in breaking the cycle of incarceration and promoting successful reintegration into society.

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