23 September 2023

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KPMG Announces New AI and Digital Innovation Group

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KPMG Announces New AI and Digital Innovation Group

KPMG LLP has recently formed an AI and digital innovation group, which will be headed Steve Chase, the newly appointed Vice Chair. The group aims to invest in and incubate new services and solutions for clients, integrate emerging technologies into existing services, and drive internal transformation and new ways of working.

In his role, Chase will be responsible for ensuring KPMG remains at the forefront of governance and responsible use of AI. He will also oversee the company’s AI Center of Excellence, which encompasses its AI client services, AI Innovation Lab, and its responsible use principles and policy.

Steve Chase brings extensive experience to his new position, having previously served as KPMG’s consulting practice leader for a decade. With his deep understanding of the industry and technology landscape, Chase is well-suited to spearhead the firm’s efforts in AI and digital innovation.

The establishment of this group demonstrates KPMG’s commitment to harnessing the potential of AI and emerging technologies for the benefit of their clients. By investing in new services and solutions, integrating advanced technologies, and driving internal transformation, KPMG aims to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This article has been based on information from Bloomberg Tax Automation.

– Bloomberg Tax Automation