4 October 2023

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Judo Bank Partners with Backbase to Enhance Digital Banking Experience

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Judo Bank Partners with Backbase to Enhance Digital Banking Experience

Judo Bank, Australia’s first purpose-built challenger bank for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), has announced a partnership with Backbase, a leading provider of engagement banking platforms. The collaboration aims to create new digital experiences for Judo Bank’s SME business banking and term deposit customers.

Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform (EBP) will allow Judo’s relationship bankers to dedicate more time to their customers, while also enabling monthly releases of additional features in the future. Judo selected Backbase after an extensive search for a digital platform that prioritized strong design and security principles.

Judo Bank’s unique, relationship-led operating model has been successful in attracting over 35,000 customers and achieving a lending book of over $9 billion and a deposit book exceeding $6 billion. The bank’s Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Frazier, emphasized that the partnership with Backbase will enhance Judo’s high-tech, high-touch model, providing SME business owners with digital experiences tailored to their specific needs.

Backbase Managing Director, ANZ, Iman Ghodosi, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that the Backbase EBP would empower banks like Judo Bank to focus on innovation and differentiation. By leveraging the EBP’s capabilities, Judo Bank can navigate the market and deliver a superior digital experience to its customer base.

Backbase is recognized industry analysts Gartner, Omdia, and IDC for its category leadership position. Its Engagement Banking Platform has been embraced over 120 financial institutions worldwide, including renowned banks in APAC such as BDO Unibank, Bank of the Philippine Islands, and TPBank.

Judo Bank’s partnership with Backbase highlights its commitment to becoming a world-class SME bank. By leveraging Backbase’s technology and expertise, Judo Bank aims to further improve its customer service and solidify its position as a trusted banking partner for SMEs.

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