24 September 2023

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The James Webb Space Telescope Captures Stunning Image of Young Star’s Outbursts

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The James Webb Space Telescope Captures Stunning Image of Young Star’s Outbursts

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured a breathtaking image of a Herbig-Haro object named HH 211, showcasing the spectacular effects of energy outbursts from a very young star. Herbig-Haro objects are formed when jets of gas from newborn stars collide with surrounding gas and dust, creating stunning shapes.

The image, taken in the infrared wavelength, allows for optimal observation of hot objects like new stars without interference from dust, which is opaque in visible light. This image was made possible using Webb’s NIRCam instrument.

This is the second time the Webb telescope has imaged a Herbig-Haro object, with a previous instance capturing a pair of objects called HH 46/47 in July. While the earlier image displayed more background stars, the recent image provides more detailed views around the central star.

The star at the center of HH 211 is still in its infancy and will eventually develop into a star similar to our sun. However, at only a few tens of thousands of years old, it is significantly younger than our 4-billion-year-old sun. With a mass of just 8% that of the sun, this young star generates powerful jets as it accumulates material from its surroundings and expels a small amount of it from its poles.

The ejected material travels at astonishing speeds of up to 60 miles per second, creating a wave-like structure that collides with other matter. These collisions result in bow shocks, curved shapes visible in the lower-left and upper-right portions of the image.

The James Webb Space Telescope continues to provide invaluable insights into the universe, capturing stunning images that deepen our understanding of celestial phenomena.