23 September 2023

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Jadelle: A Multitalented Digital Media Producer and Show Host

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Jadelle: A Multitalented Digital Media Producer and Show Host

Jadelle is a dynamic addition to the Newswatch 12 team, having joined in September 2023 as a digital media producer and weekly show host. With a unique blend of skills and interests, she brings a fresh perspective to her role, combining her background in journalism, psychology, and market research.

Before joining Newswatch 12, Jadelle worked as a social media coordinator for Celeb Magazine, where she managed accounts for clients from various networks, including TLC and Bravo. This experience honed her skills in digital media management and gave her valuable insight into the world of entertainment journalism.

Jadelle not only has a passion for journalism but also possesses a deep understanding of human behavior, having studied psychology at Carlow University. Her knowledge in this field enables her to approach stories and interviews with a unique perspective, delving deeper into the motivations and emotions behind the headlines.

Her educational journey also included studying broadcast journalism at Point Park University. Equipped with formal training in this discipline, Jadelle is well-versed in the principles and practices of effective storytelling through various media channels.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jadelle is an avid supporter of Bridges From Kuwait, a cat rescue nonprofit. She enjoys channeling her passion for helping animals and spends her spare time volunteering for this organization. Additionally, she cherishes the company of her rescue kitty, Spella, and delights in their companionship.

In her downtime, Jadelle is a sports enthusiast and can often be found watching basketball games. She also has a flair for decorating, particularly during the Halloween season, where she revels in creating festive environments.

Jadelle’s diverse background and multifaceted interests make her a valuable asset to the Newswatch 12 team. Her ability to blend her skills in digital media production, journalism, psychology, and market research sets her apart and ensures that she brings a fresh and unique perspective to her work.

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