23 September 2023

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The Bear Cave’s Short Report Puts Pressure on Roblox Stock

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The Bear Cave’s Short Report Puts Pressure on Roblox Stock

Following Roblox’s mixed earnings results, its stock has been facing pressure and recently neared an all-time low due to a short report issued The Bear Cave. Despite these challenges, most Wall Street analysts still view the stock as a Moderate Buy. While acknowledging the uncertain macro picture and the presence of bears, some analysts, including the writer, remain bullish on Roblox.

Short reports like the one from The Bear Cave can flip a bullish story upside down. However, it is important not to take such reports as absolute truths. Roblox swiftly responded to the report, calling it “misleading, irresponsible, and false.”

The Bear Cave’s short report highlighted several notable risks for Roblox stock, including unprofitability, intense competition, regulatory scrutiny, and expenses related to safety and compliance. The report seemed to unsettle many investors, causing Roblox stock to fall 4.8%. However, it is common for bears to attack a stock after it has already experienced significant losses.

Unprofitability is not a new issue for Roblox, as it has consistently reported negative earnings per share (EPS) numbers. The latest quarterly results showed worse-than-expected EPS of -$0.46. Achieving profitability could be a challenge for Roblox, especially as it continues to invest heavily in growth.

Roblox’s commitment to safety is evident through its increased investments in improving safety measures. Infrastructure and safety spending accounted for 28.8% of bookings in the latest quarter, up from 22.4% the previous year. The company’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and tools could potentially enhance safety and compliance without significantly increasing costs.

Analysts on TipRanks currently rate Roblox stock as a Moderate Buy, with an average price target of $38.83, implying a 39.4% upside potential. The range of price targets varies from $23.00 per share to $54.00 per share.

Despite its current challenges, Roblox has the potential to rebound and restore its growth and margins through continued innovation. Investors should not give up on the stock just yet.

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