24 September 2023

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Accelerating the Outcome-Driven Narrative: SAS Viya and AI

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Accelerating the Outcome-Driven Narrative: SAS Viya and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a significant role in reshaping decision-making processes in enterprises. As the complexity of the business environment grows, organizations are turning to AI solutions to derive optimal choices that go beyond mere data analytics. SAS Viya, an AI-powered analytic and data management platform, is at the forefront of enabling better business insights through advanced capabilities. The platform seamlessly integrates synthetic data, digital twins, and large language models, as stated Udo Sglavo, the Vice President of Advanced Analytics Research and Development at SAS Institute Inc.

SAS Viya stands out offering a lightweight programming environment that empowers users to write code and tackle complex business problems. The platform’s primary focus is not on low-code or no-code approaches but on providing a comprehensive coding experience. The recently released Workbench is a testament to their commitment to promoting coding. SAS Viya’s broader strategy revolves around three key pillars: digital twins, synthetic data, and large language models.

To ensure that AI usage is as seamless as possible, SAS is making efforts to eliminate the coding pain point. They have created a sandbox-like environment through platforms like Workbench and AppFactory. These tools enable developers to innovate and work easily while having straightforward access to data, according to Alice McClure, the Director of Product Marketing at SAS.

SAS’s commitment to simplifying AI extends beyond developers to users who may not have technical expertise. Through the operationalization of AI models, SAS ensures that users can easily adopt and apply AI-driven solutions. For example, SAS assisted Cambridge University in employing AI-powered image analytics to match kidney donations with patients awaiting transplants. This use case highlights how SAS can empower practitioners automating complex tasks and allowing them to focus on solving the business problem at hand.

As AI adoption increases, the challenge of managing multiple models arises. SAS recognizes the importance of model management to keep track of relevant and effective models. With an explosion of models, organizations need to identify which models are still providing accurate answers and when to replace them.

SAS Viya serves as a powerful tool to navigate the AI wave and drive successful outcomes. By providing a lightweight programming environment, sandbox-like platforms, and effective model management, SAS empowers organizations to leverage AI and gain valuable business insights.

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