26 September 2023

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Indonesia and South Korea Strengthen Digital Transformation Cooperation

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Indonesia and South Korea Strengthen Digital Transformation Cooperation

In a collaborative effort to enhance digital transformation, the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMI) of the Indonesian Industry Ministry has partnered with the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) from South Korea. The agreement includes information exchange, promotion of business and technology exchange, knowledge transfer, and the implementation of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. The collaboration aims to encourage the use of information and computer technology (ICT) in educational units and foster joint events in fields of mutual interest.

The Indonesian Industry Ministry has previously collaborated with the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) of South Korea in areas such as electric vehicles, digital start-ups, smart factories, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The current collaboration with NIPA focuses on digital transformation. NIPA also aims to boost economic growth through increased use of information and communication technology.

NIPA President Hur Sung-Wook expressed hope that their collaboration would connect industries in Indonesia and Korea in the pursuit of digital transformation. This partnership comes at an opportune time as bilateral relations between the two countries are growing closer, marking their 50th anniversary year in 2023. South Korea currently ranks seventh in investment realization in Indonesia, with a total of 4,016 projects amounting to US$1.66 billion in the January-September 2022 period.

Overall, this collaboration signifies a commitment to fostering technological advancements in the manufacturing industry and strengthening ties between Indonesia and South Korea.

– Indonesian Industry Ministry
– National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)