23 September 2023

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Dealing with Toxicity: A Voice Actor’s Experience with Internet Discourse in Gaming

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Dealing with Toxicity: A Voice Actor’s Experience with Internet Discourse in Gaming

Starfield, one of the most anticipated video game launches in recent years, has ignited a fierce rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation fans. The game’s voice actor, Elias Toufexis, who portrays Sam Coe in Starfield, recently took to Twitter to express his frustration with the toxic behavior of certain gamers. I had the opportunity to interview Toufexis and discuss his experience working on Starfield as well as the negative behaviors he has encountered.

Toufexis shared an incident where a fan mocked Starfield’s console framerate cap and directed his criticism towards Toufexis, despite the fact that he had no control over the game’s console performance. This type of behavior, according to Toufexis, is unfortunately common in online gaming communities. He expressed his belief that the best way to handle such situations is to ignore the negativity, although he admitted to responding to the “30 fps guy” out of frustration.

The voice actor also revealed that he has faced homophobic comments from players who took issue with his character, Sam Coe, being bisexual. Despite the negativity, Toufexis emphasized that it is important to remember that these toxic individuals do not represent the entire gaming community.

One aspect that particularly irked Toufexis was the casual dismissal of the years of hard work that went into creating Starfield. He emphasized that the development team and voice actors have put their utmost effort into making the game great. Criticizing the game is acceptable, but attacking the individuals involved in its creation is not.

Toufexis expressed his confusion and sadness regarding the toxic conversations that have emerged around Starfield, questioning why some people attach their personality to a gaming console. He wishes that these individuals would approach gaming with an open mind and give the game a fair chance before forming negative opinions.

In conclusion, the experience of Elias Toufexis highlights the unfortunate reality of toxic behavior in gaming communities. It is crucial for gamers to remember that behind every game are dedicated individuals who have poured their passion and hard work into its creation. Constructive criticism is welcome, but personal attacks have no place in the gaming world.

– Framerate: The number of frames displayed per second in a video game or animation, indicating the smoothness of the visual experience.
– Toxicity: The presence of negative and harmful behavior within a community or social group.

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