4 October 2023

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Microsoft Planning Mid-Generation Refresh for Xbox Series X

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Microsoft Planning Mid-Generation Refresh for Xbox Series X

According to leaked documents from the FTC v. Microsoft court battle, the tech giant is allegedly planning a mid-generation refresh for the Xbox Series X. The leaked information reveals a new disc-less cylindrical design for the console and mentions the development of a new controller with a gyro feature. It also hints at the existence of a refreshed Xbox Series S, providing key specifications for the new devices and a potential timeline.

The leaked document contradicts Microsoft’s previous statement that it has no plans for a mid-gen console refresh. In fact, the company seems to be working on not just one, but three new consoles. The first, codenamed Ellewood, is expected to be a light refresh of the Xbox Series S, set to arrive in September 2024. Another model, tentatively named Brooklin and planned for November 2024, is a new disc-less version of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft also has a model called XDL, which matches Brooklin’s specs but will likely offer customization options through Xbox Design Lab.

The leaked information also sheds light on the new “Sebile” controller, featuring a built-in accelerometer, haptics that double as speakers, and modular thumbsticks. Sustainability tweaks, such as a swappable battery and the use of recycled materials, are also mentioned. Games with support for the gyro feature are expected to be released alongside the Sebile controller.

The star of the leak, however, is the updated Xbox Series X console. Microsoft describes it as “adorable,” sporting a cylindrical design that deviates from the current fridge-like appearance. Nevertheless, the absence of a disc drive may not be appreciated all gamers. The refreshed console will also come with improved connectivity options, a reduced power draw, and increased use of recycled materials in its construction.

In addition to the Xbox Series X, the leaked documents indicate that the Xbox Series S will also receive internal improvements and double the storage capacity. The design, however, is expected to remain largely unchanged.

The leaked information includes additional details, such as projected sales volumes and Microsoft’s vision for leadership in gaming. The leaked documents are likely to have consequences for the company, as they reveal Microsoft’s plans well in advance. It remains to be seen how this leak will impact the future of Xbox’s gaming business.

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