23 September 2023

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The Heart Rhythm Society Prepares for HRX 2023 Event in Seattle

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The Heart Rhythm Society Prepares for HRX 2023 Event in Seattle

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) is excited to announce the upcoming HRX 2023 event, which will bring together cardiovascular digital health innovators in Seattle. HRX is a global conference that aims to foster collaboration and innovation gathering clinicians, engineers, product developers, investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, nonprofits, and patient advocacy groups. This immersive event provides a unique opportunity for attendees to challenge the status quo and transform patient care through the use of technology.

Taking place from September 21-23, 2023, at Seattle’s state-of-the-art convention center space, Summit, HRX 2023 promises to maximize engagement and collaboration among participants. The intimate one-room setting encourages interaction and creativity, allowing healthcare and technology professionals to address the most pressing challenges and explore potential solutions in the field of digital health.

“We are thrilled to bring back this one-of-a-kind conference for a second consecutive year,” expressed HRX Executive Co-Producer Sana M. Al-Khatib, MD, MHS, FHRS, CCDS. “This year, we look forward to bringing together innovators from various backgrounds who believe that the future of healthcare lies in virtual, digital, and other cutting-edge technologies.”

HRX 2023 will feature a range of programming focused on cardiovascular digital health. This includes solutions-focused discussions and presentations on emerging virtual care models, the impact of digital tech on health inequities, and perspectives on digital health funding. Additionally, the conference will host the AbstracX session, where 15 selected innovators will showcase their work through 10-minute oral presentations, powered the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal. A pitch competition will also take place, allowing five teams to compete on the main stage for cash prizes from funders, with the support of the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal.

“Last year, HRX provided a new platform for incredible collaborations among stakeholders in the digital health industry,” said HRX Executive Co-Producer Jagmeet P. Singh, MD, PhD, FHRS. “We are excited to continue fostering a community of compassionate cardiovascular digital health innovators dedicated to advancing technological approaches in patient care.”

For more information about HRX 2023, please visit www.experiencehrx.com.

– HRX: Heart Rhythm Society’s global health and technology conference that focuses on cardiovascular digital health.
– Cardiovascular Digital Health: The application of digital technology and innovation to improve cardiovascular healthcare.
– Summit: Seattle’s new state-of-the-art convention center space that will host HRX 2023.

– Heart Rhythm Society (HRS)
– Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal