4 October 2023

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Neil Patel’s NP Digital Expands Agency Presence Across Asia-Pacific

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Neil Patel’s NP Digital Expands Agency Presence Across Asia-Pacific

Marketing agency NP Digital, founded Neil Patel in 2017, has been rapidly expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region since its launch in Australia in 2021. The agency has made significant hires in Australia and across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Recently, NP Digital was ranked seventh in the global indie agency rankings after securing top brands like Madhavbaug, Login Radius, and Ivy Central in India.

Speaking about the agency’s expansion, Dan Kalinski, NP Digital’s APAC managing director, stated that entering markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines was a response to market demand. NP Digital’s ambition in Asia is to disrupt the market and bring new quality focusing on business ROI, technology, and thought leadership.

The agency has heavily invested in technology and approximately 40% of its clients actively use these tools. NP Digital owns Ubersuggest, an SEO platform, and acquired AnswerThePublic (ATP), an audience research and content platform, in Q1 of 2022. Ubersuggest has over 3.3 million active monthly users in 2023, offering its services in nine languages and 150 countries. The agency also launched Ads Grader, which analyzes and optimizes Google Ad accounts for efficient ad spend.

NP Digital’s focus on SEO is well-aligned with its investments in technology. The agency’s conversion rate optimization and user experience analytics platform, CrazyEgg, tracks and optimizes website visitor behavior. The agency believes that SEO and the lower-funnel phase of the customer journey are interconnected and SEO strategies can significantly impact conversion rates. Creating tailored landing pages and providing valuable content related to specific keywords helps establish credibility and increases the chances of conversion.

Moreover, NP Digital utilizes programmatic buying for its campaigns, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate user behavior and bid on impressions. The agency also leverages programmatic ads to target specific audiences, such as B2B event attendees, running DOOH ads at airports and ride-sharing companies and geo-fencing the event location.

In summary, NP Digital’s expansion across the Asia-Pacific region highlights its commitment to serving a global clientele. With a strong focus on SEO, technology, and thought leadership, the agency aims to disrupt the market and provide tailored solutions for large-scale businesses.

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