23 September 2023

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Government Takes New Measures to Curb Telecom Fraud

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Government Takes New Measures to Curb Telecom Fraud

The Indian government has implemented new measures to combat telecom fraud and curb fraudulent phone calls. These measures include the prohibition of bulk SIM card connections and the requirement for SIM card dealers to undergo police verification. The government took these steps after launching the Sanchar Sarthi portal in May as part of its efforts to combat telecom fraud cases.

Telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw explained that the discontinuation of the bulk connection system aims to prevent fraudsters from obtaining multiple SIMs to make fraudulent calls. Instead, a system for proper business connections will be put in place. Each employee who receives a SIM from a company will undergo individual Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Vaishnaw also highlighted the need to crack down on SIM dealers who pass the verification process and sell SIMs fraudulently. To address this issue, police verification of point of sale dealers and their registration will now be mandatory. This move is intended to hold accountable those who sell SIMs fraudulently.

The government has taken several other measures to combat telecom fraud, including blocking fraudulent WhatsApp accounts, blacklisting SIM card dealers, registering FIRs against fraudsters, and deactivating phone connections obtained through fraudulent means. Additionally, they have blocked payment wallet accounts and mobile handsets associated with fraudulent transactions or theft.

These efforts are aimed at creating a significant change in curbing telecom fraud in India. The Sanchar Sarthi portal, along with these new measures, will play a crucial role in ensuring that telecom fraud cases are effectively addressed.

– Telecom fraud: Illegal activities involving telecommunications networks, such as fraudulent phone calls or scams.
– SIM card: Subscriber Identity Module card that stores information used to identify and authenticate a subscriber on a mobile network.
– Sanchar Sarthi portal: An online platform launched the Indian government to combat telecom fraud cases.

– Telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.