4 October 2023

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Tech Companies Harnessing Personal Data to Train AI

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Tech Companies Harnessing Personal Data to Train AI

Google is expanding the capabilities of its artificial intelligent chatbot, Bard, integrating it with other Google services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. This move is in response to the increasing competition posed similar technologies from Open AI and Microsoft. With the new extension, users can grant Bard access to their Gmail accounts, allowing it to mine information, retrieve directions from Google Maps, find helpful YouTube videos, and extract travel information from Google Flights and documents stored on Google Drive.

To address privacy concerns, Google assures users that human reviewers will not have access to potentially sensitive information gathered Bard. Additionally, the data collected will not be used for the company’s primary revenue stream, which is targeted advertising. This new feature is an escalation in the battle for supremacy in the AI market, as Google aims to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s incorporation of conversational AI in Bing and Microsoft 365 suite.

This development comes at a critical time as Google faces a high-profile antitrust case for allegedly using its dominant position in search to stifle competition and innovation. By enhancing Bard’s capabilities, Google hopes to offer even more useful services, such as helping users plan group trips providing suitable dates, flight and hotel options, directions, and informative videos.

The integration of personal data into AI training raises concerns about privacy and data protection. However, Google’s assurance to protect user privacy and limit the use of data for targeted advertising purposes is a step towards addressing these concerns.

– CBS News