4 October 2023

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The Perfect Duo: Advantech’s Digital Signage Players and GoogleOS Revolutionize the Industry

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The Perfect Duo: Advantech’s Digital Signage Players and GoogleOS Revolutionize the Industry

Advantech and Google representatives recently participated in a webinar discussing the collaboration between Advantech’s digital signage players and Google’s OS software. The webinar shed light on the hardware and software aspects of digital signage, as well as addressed audience questions.

Advantech, a leading player in the IPC category with a 38% market share, offers a wide range of digital signage hardware solutions. Ryan Nieto, digital signage product manager at Advantech, discussed their product line, including the DS-410 signage player. He emphasized the importance of Google’s OS software in enhancing the functionality of their hardware for customers from various sectors.

Peter Freudenberger, global customer and partner sales engineer lead for ChromeOS Flex at Google, highlighted the growing footprint of Google in the digital signage market. ChromeOS Flex, a cloud-based operating system, is designed to be adaptable to any hardware used in the industry. Freudenberger emphasized the demand for rich and smart digital experiences in physical retail locations and other industries that use digital signage.

Advantech’s strategy involves integrating purpose-built digital signage players for reliability with the flexibility of ChromeOS Flex. Nieto highlighted the long product life and localized support offered Advantech’s players, including the DS-085 and DS-410 models. ChromeOS certification ensures compatibility, and Google’s lightweight operating system simplifies setup, maintenance, and remote access.

The collaboration between Advantech and Google aims to meet the evolving needs of the digital signage industry. By combining high-quality hardware with a versatile operating system, they are creating a durable and future-proof ecosystem for global customers across various sectors.

Source: Digital Signage Today