4 October 2023

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The Integration of ABB’s OMS Brings Efficiency and Productivity to Gold Fields’ Granny Smith Mine

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The Integration of ABB’s OMS Brings Efficiency and Productivity to Gold Fields’ Granny Smith Mine

Gold Fields, a global mining company, has partnered with ABB to implement their Operations Management System (OMS) at the Granny Smith Mine. The mine extracts 1.6 million metric tons of gold-bearing ore annually and employs ABB’s OMS to connect mine planning and operations in real time.

By integrating short-interval control and closed-loop scheduling, ABB’s OMS enables operators to plan production scheduling, automate activities, and respond quickly to any disturbances that may hinder production. This digital platform connects various aspects of the mine’s operations, including design, maintenance, workforce, equipment, and services.

To achieve the successful implementation of ABB’s OMS, Gold Fields enlisted the support of mining consultancy Enterprise Transformation Partners (ETP) in Australia. The OMS will connect Granny Smith’s workforce, as well as fixed and mobile equipment, to improve production scheduling efficiency throughout the mining process.

Rob Derries, Unit Manager of Innovation and Technology at Gold Fields Australia, expressed the company’s commitment to building a modern, digitalized mine that is more productive and sustainable. The integration of ABB’s OMS is seen as a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

Gold Fields recognizes the challenges faced mine operators in unpredictable environments and aims to enhance their capabilities through innovative technology. The implementation of ABB’s OMS will allow the workforce to transition into more skilled roles and tasks, while relying on an efficient digital system for decision-making and increased productivity.

Alan Teixeira, Product Business Line Manager for Mining and Digital Solutions at ABB, emphasized the significant improvements in planning and productivity that ABB’s OMS will bring to the Gold Fields team. The OMS will relieve individuals of the responsibility and reliance on manual processes, providing a faster and more efficient digital solution.

As a trusted partner, ABB aims to support Gold Fields in their pursuit of a modern, digitalized mining operation at the Granny Smith Mine. The integration of ABB’s OMS is expected to enhance planning and productivity, leading to higher efficiency and better management of resources.


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