4 October 2023

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Managing Pressure Well: The Key to Success

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Managing Pressure Well: The Key to Success

In this edition of Future Startup Weekly, we explore the importance of managing pressure well. As the saying goes, pressure can either make diamonds or burst pipes. It is crucial for entrepreneurs and individuals alike to learn how to quiet their minds and operate at their best under pressure.

The best ideas often do not come on demand. They manifest when you are not actively searching for them, when you are relaxed and uninhibited. This is why it is important to free yourself from pressure and create an environment that allows for creativity and innovation.

Companies are often a reflection of their founders. So, it is no surprise that the growth of a company is closely tied to the personal growth of its founders. When founders are able to effectively manage pressure, they are better equipped to lead their companies to success.

Sometimes, success can lead to complacency. When we become too comfortable with our achievements, we may lose the drive to push ourselves further. It is important to constantly challenge ourselves and strive for continued growth.

In the interview with ISHO Founder, Rayana Hossain, we discover what sets ISHO apart from other furniture brands. ISHO has built a culture of relentless dynamism, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and organization. Hossain shares insights on the upsides of being authentic and staying true to oneself in business.

Taking a long-term view is crucial in the world of entrepreneurship. Startups operate in a bi-modal world, where the chances of success or failure are extreme. Survival is key, and it requires a strategic approach and perseverance. In our essay, we delve into why building a business should be seen as a marathon rather than a sprint.

The digital banking industry is experiencing a hype, but traditional banks face a dilemma. Despite having a favorable regulatory environment, traditional banks in Bangladesh have struggled to build a dominant mobile financial service (MFS). Our analysis highlights the lessons to be learned from their failures.

Managing pressure well is essential for success. By freeing ourselves from pressure, we create the space for creativity and innovation. The growth of a company is closely tied to the personal growth of its founders. Embracing a long-term view and persevering through challenges are key for survival in the business world. Traditional banks must adapt and learn from the failures of their counterparts in order to thrive in the digital banking race.


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