24 September 2023

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Frodert and Medical College of Wisconsin Enroll Employees in Omada Health Program

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Frodert and Medical College of Wisconsin Enroll Employees in Omada Health Program

The Frodert and Medical College of Wisconsin health network has partnered with Xealth, a digital health platform, to enroll its employees into the Omada Health virtual care program. This program aims to help patients maintain a healthy weight to prevent the onset of diabetes.

Xealth, which was integrated into Frodert’s electronic health record system in 2018, now includes Omada Health as the tenth digital health app on its platform. According to a statement Xealth on September 14th, approximately 1,200 employees from the Milwaukee-based health system have signed up for the program, with 25 percent actively participating.

Omada Health’s virtual care program offers a comprehensive approach to weight management and diabetes prevention. It combines relationship building, data analysis, and technology to deliver personalized and outcomes-driven care. By integrating the program with Xealth’s platform, it provides valuable insights into enrollment and activation, allowing employers and healthcare providers to optimize program results.

Through the partnership with Xealth, Frodert and the Medical College of Wisconsin are utilizing digital health technologies to enhance their employee wellness initiatives. By providing a virtual-first care environment, they can offer support to their employees in managing their health and preventing chronic conditions such as diabetes.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Frodert, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Xealth demonstrates the growing trend of using digital health platforms to improve healthcare delivery and promote employee well-being. By leveraging programs like the Omada Health virtual care program, organizations can effectively engage and support their employees in adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors.

– Xealth news release
– Omada Health Chief Medical Officer Carolyn Jasik, MD