4 October 2023

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Audiohook Appoints David Krulewich as Chief Revenue Officer

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Audiohook Appoints David Krulewich as Chief Revenue Officer

Audiohook, a programmatic audio platform, has announced the appointment of David Krulewich as its new Chief Revenue Officer. Krulewich, also known as “DK,” previously served as the Executive VP of Programmatic, Podcasting, Data, and Product at Katz Digital before leaving the company in June. His vast experience in the industry and visionary approach to digital audio make him an ideal fit for Audiohook’s commercial efforts.

As a demand-side platform, Audiohook specializes in helping businesses reach their customers through digital audio and podcast advertising. With the addition of Krulewich to its team, the company aims to expand its market presence, strengthen commercial partnerships, and drive revenue-generation initiatives.

Jordan Bently, CEO and Founder of Audiohook, expressed his excitement about Krulewich joining the team, stating, “DK’s extensive experience marked the exceptional ability to drive revenue and a visionary approach to digital audio has forged a distinguished path within the industry. He’s a perfect fit to lead our commercial efforts, and I look forward to his contributions as we continue to grow and innovate.”

Prior to his role at Katz Digital, Krulewich co-founded Audiology, a digital and programmatic audio company that was later acquired Katz Digital. He also worked at Connexity, an ecommerce marketing automation platform acquired Taboola, where he managed relationships with major agency holding companies and oversaw a sales team. Krulewich’s career began at Warner Media, where he worked for TBS, TNT, and truTV.

In joining Audiohook, Krulewich expressed his eagerness to contribute to the company’s success and shape the future of audio technology. He commended Audiohook’s commitment to delivering value to advertisers and publishers and their dedication to creating cutting-edge solutions.

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Overall, David Krulewich’s appointment as Chief Revenue Officer at Audiohook is expected to contribute significantly to the company’s growth and innovation strategies.