4 October 2023

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Florida Schools Modernize Hall Passes with Digital App

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Florida Schools Modernize Hall Passes with Digital App

Seminole County schools in Florida are saying goode to traditional hall passes and hello to the Minga app. This digital ID app functions as a timed hall pass, event notification service, and more. While some parents and students have expressed mixed reactions, the app aims to streamline school processes and enhance accountability.

Parents and students have varying opinions about the app. Some students find it more convenient, with a smoother check-in process and easier access to hall passes. Others, however, feel inconvenienced and describe it as chaotic, especially when needing a pass to go to the bathroom. However, the CEO of Minga, Jason Richards, addresses concerns about privacy and security assuring users that the app does not track students’ location or access any personal device information.

The Minga app provides additional features such as setting timers for restroom breaks and implementing restrictions on simultaneous hall pass usage to prevent bullying, violence, and vaping. Students are finding it confusing to be told they can’t have their phones in class but can use them to check in or request a hall pass. However, many students appreciate the cell phone crackdown, as it helps them focus on their studies.

While it may take time for everyone to adjust to the new system, students like Tahmid Bhuiyn believe that the app will ultimately have a positive impact. Several schools in Central Florida have adopted the Minga app, including Seminole County and some schools in Brevard County. Other districts, such as Orange, Flagler, Lake, Marion, and Volusia County, have not implemented the app or are currently in the vetting process.

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