24 September 2023

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Finnish Airport Tests Digital ID for Passengers

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Finnish Airport Tests Digital ID for Passengers

The Finnish Border Guard has announced a pilot project allowing passengers at Helsinki Airport to use digital IDs on their smartphones instead of physical passports. This initiative aims to streamline border control and enhance the traveling experience reducing queue times. Passengers on Finnair flights to London, Edinburgh, and Manchester are eligible to participate in the pilot project, known as Digital Travel Credentials (DTC).

The DTC is a digital version of a physical passport and is considered just as reliable. It is part of the European Commission’s larger digital identity policy package, which includes various digital services. The pilot project, which will run until February 2024, is a collaboration between Finnair, airport operator Finavia, and the Finnish police. For now, participation is limited to Finnish citizens.

To access their digital passports, passengers must download the FIN DTC Pilot digital travel document app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. They will then need to register with the police at one of two locations in Helsinki. During registration, passengers must present their valid physical passports for identity verification and photo capture for facial recognition.

It’s important to note that the DTC can only be used at Helsinki Airport. Therefore, passengers should still carry their physical passports for border control in their destination country, such as the UK. This initiative is part of a broader European Union effort to increase the efficiency of airline travel. The EU has provided €2.3 million ($2.47 million) in financial support for the pilot project.

The EU is also extending the trial of digital travel documents to other member states. Croatia has agreed to participate, and the DTC will be introduced at Zagreb Airport this fall.


– Digital Travel Credentials (DTC): A digital version of a physical passport that can be used as an identification document during border crossings.

– Helsinki Airport (HEL): The main international airport in Helsinki, Finland.

– Facial Recognition: A technology that analyzes and verifies a person’s identity comparing their facial features to a database of known individuals.

– European Union (EU): A political and economic union consisting of 27 member states in Europe.


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