4 October 2023

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PokeMMO Introduces Johto Region in Latest Update

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PokeMMO Introduces Johto Region in Latest Update

PokeMMO, a fan-made Pokemon MMO, has recently released the highly-anticipated second region from the mainline games, Johto. After 11 years since its initial release, the game continues to thrive and attract players.

The addition of the Johto region brings an entirely new storyline for players to immerse themselves in. Along with the new quests, there are also new boss battles and a range of new Pokemon to catch. To access the Johto region in PokeMMO, players must have downloaded either the HeartGold or SoulSilver ROM.

As expected, the PokeMMO Pokedex has been updated and expanded to include all the Pokemon from the Johto region. To progress through the new area, players must complete the updated Pokedex and defeat the Elite Four in each region. The ultimate challenge awaits at Mt. Silver, an optional endgame area within the Johto region.

One exciting feature of the Johto region is the introduction of Apricorns, which can be scavenged and used in the game’s crafting system. These Apricorns can be crafted into various Poke Balls such as Moon Balls, Fast Balls, Heavy Balls, Love Balls, Friend Balls, Lure Balls, and Level Balls.

With the addition of the Johto region, PokeMMO now offers a total of five regions to explore: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Johto. This substantial update provides players with even more content and hours of gameplay.

If you’re a fan of MMO games and Pokemon, PokeMMO is definitely worth checking out. Explore the vast regions and embark on exciting adventures in a nostalgic Pokemon universe.

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