4 October 2023

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RecoveryNet App Launched to Support Peer Recovery Specialists

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RecoveryNet App Launched to Support Peer Recovery Specialists

Faces & Voices of Recovery has announced the launch of a new digital app called RecoveryNet. Made possible through a generous $650,000 grant from the Elevance Health Foundation, the app is designed specifically for peer recovery support specialists, individuals who are in recovery and use their own experiences to help others on their own recovery journeys. The RecoveryNet app aims to facilitate connections and resource exchanges between peer recovery support specialists across the country.

One of the key features of the app is its ability to enable peer specialists to log interactions seamlessly with individuals in recovery. This data is crucial in tracking outcomes and determining the success of a peer specialist. The app will also provide organizations and programs that utilize peer specialists with tools for effective supervision, data logging, and enhanced outcome tracking.

According to Patty McCarthy, CEO of Faces & Voices of Recovery, the app will provide the peer support workforce with “trusted, reliable, and versatile tools and resources” in the digital age. McCarthy emphasizes the importance of networking and connections in the peer support field and believes that the partnership with the Elevance Health Foundation will help make this vision a reality.

The RecoveryNet app will be integrated into Faces & Voices of Recovery’s data platform, a cloud-based system for tracking and measuring recovery outcomes. The app is available for immediate download and usage on both Apple and Android devices.

The launch of the RecoveryNet app aligns with Elevance Health Foundation’s commitment to advancing health equity and improving mental health and well-being, particularly in relation to substance use disorders. The foundation has pledged $30 million over a three-year period to make significant progress in these areas.

Overall, the RecoveryNet app represents a significant step forward in supporting and enhancing the work of peer recovery support specialists. It provides them with a valuable tool to accurately track their interactions, collect data, and ultimately improve outcomes for individuals in recovery.

– Peer recovery support specialists: Individuals in recovery who utilize their own experiences to support others on their recovery journeys.
– Elevance Health Foundation: The philanthropic arm of Elevance Health, dedicated to advancing health equity and improving community health.

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