23 September 2023

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EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure CEO Plans for Fast Growth and Execution

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EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure CEO Plans for Fast Growth and Execution

EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure has been in expansion mode since being acquired private equity firm Partners Group last year. CEO Lee Kestler expressed excitement about the growth opportunities ahead, stating, “We’re building a team here… Fast growth. Execution.” Kestler, a data center veteran, aims to hire and develop talent at the early stages of their careers to meet the industry’s demand for skilled workers. He envisions EdgeCore becoming a leader in the industry, with a valuation exceeding $10 billion within the next seven to eight years. Kestler also emphasized the importance of environmental efficiency and community engagement as EdgeCore pursues its expansion plans.

In addition, Kestler discussed the potential of generative AI in the data center market. He expressed confidence in its reality and long-term impact, comparing it to the evolution of wholesale data centers. Kestler expects the implementation of generative AI to occur gradually over the next 12 to 15 years, with a significant focus on addressing supply chain challenges.

Regarding the infrastructure required for generative AI, Kestler emphasized the need for robust GPU infrastructure. He acknowledged that secondary markets, which are not as saturated with CPU infrastructure, may become more attractive for accommodating this technology. However, Kestler emphasized that the purpose-built facility and energy-efficient technologies will continue to be essential for meeting the specific requirements of generative AI applications.

Source: Channel News